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Project Delivery Process

Project Delivery Process

Creative Solving uses a linear process for each project beginning with initial discussions and ending with a successfully project delivery.  Toward the beginning of each project, a proposal document is written that includes a pricing estimate and other necessary details related to the project.  If deemed necessary by Creative Solving, a second stage of requirements gathering may be necessary to create a System Requirements Definition (SRD) document.  If an SRD is required, the final project pricing will be based on the content of the SRD document.

Upon satisfaction of the requirements to begin the project (as outlined in the Schedule section), Creative Solving will begin its standard project management and deployment process.  Each project involves various team members, which include the account manager, project manager and professional services developers and engineers.

Before any work is performed, Creative Solving will arrange a project kick-off meeting with all parties involved.  This meeting can be face-to-face or via conference call and is used to perform introductions, clarify roles, verify and adjust timelines and exchange any necessary files or information.  After the meeting, the project manager and professional services teams will organize the project and begin work.

During the course of the project, one or many deliverables will be scheduled.  Deliverables can include an Initial Design Beta, Functional Beta and final deployment.  At these intervals, Creative Solving will make arrangements to deploy the deliverable to the customer. As part of the project team, we will embed a senior architect throughout the solution definition phase. This individual will not only be well versed in solution architecture, but also operationally and business focused to ensure that priorities for the solution are directed at a practical level, providing the customer with the optimum solution.

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