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Touch Point of Sales-EPOS:Website, Software, Application development for Mobile and Computer



Mobile Signature Capturing SoftwareSign@Mobile

Creative Solving's mobile signature capturing software helps customers do their job efficiently and quickly. For workers such as couriers (among other types of delivery companies), making a 'proof of receipt' record has never been easier!

With the mobile signature capturing software the company will be able to collect all necessary information about each delivery such as:

1. Customer's personal details e.g. address

2. Customer's signature

3. Proof of acceptance of terms and conditions

Easy to install, the software can save the job information as well as the signature. Then, you can send them in simply emailing back to the office team or sent as XML format in order to be stored in a database. The enterprise version of the product enables jobs to be sent to the handheld device so that the engineer/driver has all the information needed.


For further information, please contact our sales team.

Download Free Software for trial.

White paper and Full resource are available at The Solution Page.

Price: from £49.99 per device.


Other Mobile/Tablet Applications

Creative mobile POS propels your business forward with a robust feature set that combines the power and functionality of your traditional lane with the sleek versatility of mobility. 


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Deli’s, stadiums, trade shows, and outdoor sales where POS lanes are unfeasiblewill appreciate the convenience that Creative mobile POS mobility has to offer.Customer service minded businesses will love how tiny technology creates a more pleasant and friendly interaction.

Busy stores will enjoy the effectiveness of a floating POS lane that significantly reduces lines. Save on equipment costs and make efficient use of your sales floor space. If customer satisfaction, versatility, and value beyond what a traditional lane provides are what you are looking for, Mobile POS is the answer you're looking for.

  • Real-Time Record Keeping and Updates
  • Fully Wireless
  • Integrated RMS Items, Reports, & Customers
  • Instantaneous Credit Card Authorizations
  • Capture, Print, & Recall Digital Signatures and Receipts
  • Speed-Up Customer Checkout
  • Ring Up Sales 
  • Sales Schedules
  • Tender Sales to Customer Accounts

For further information, please contact us.