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Manufacture & Engineering Industry software


Stock Control & Supply Chain Management

Stock tracking, notification and reporting. 

IT provides you with the tools and processes that you need to optimise stock holding and control costs.  The software has been designed and developed to provide tight integration with the Sales Order Management, EPoS, Purchase Order Management and Warehouse Management modules so that stock replenishment is performed in line with forecasted demand, stock outs are avoided and warehouse efficiency is maximised.

Here are some of the key features and benefits available in Creative's Inventory Management software modules:

  • Adaptive Demand Forecasting
  • Self-Adjusting Re-Order Levels by setting Safety Stock in days
  • Stock Evaluation by FIFO, Average or Current Cost
  • Stock Variance Reporting
  • Stock Movement Reporting
  • Stock Performance Reporting highlighting slow moving stock and stock outs
  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Central control of remote sites either via central server or remote download


Integrated Solution: EPOS/ Accounting, E-commerce, and POS



Creative's Integarted Solution will help manage your business better. All in one solution means you don't have to handle that time consuming data entries twice!
Benefits of the Integrated Package
It takes away day to day admin burden of stock control; providing on the spot accounting information; increasing sales through E-Commerce; and helps to run your business smoothly. 
Creative provides robust eCommerce websites with easy-to-use administration areas. In addition to the normal day to day business transactions, one of the major advantage of our packaged solution is that- when online order is processed, it automatically updates stock items and accounting information. Ideal solution weather you are selling directly from the business premises or dispatching on-line orders.   

Online Shops with Inventory and Stock Control

Creative's online shopping systems are efficient, secure and easy-to-follow, and are guaranteed to make your customers' feel comfortable whilst buying from your website. A solid administration area allows the owner to continuously maintain inventory and stocks, with the ability to add special offers and discounts with ease.

Creative's eCommerce websites can be integrated with both electronic and mobile point-of-sale systems to give your company the complete solution, which means you can make the most of store sales and online sales, and have all records and proofs of sales (including proofs of delivery) automatically updated.

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