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Global Outsourcing


Outsourcing & Mutuals

Creative Solving offers best outsourcing services for customers. It helps a company to maximize their investments, to reduce their IT management costs and to create operational efficiencies and excellence.


Our unique outsourcing service solutions are driven by the fact that they create incredible visibility into how change affects your organization’s strategy, processes, applications and IT infrastructure.

It helps to define your specific outsourcing needs and goals as well as criteria for measuring success. It also identifies the parties responsible for your systems and processes.

Creative Solving offers four types of outsourcing services:

1) Business Process Outsourcing

We have special expertise in payment processing (including remittance and check processing). These capabilities help you significantly to reduce costs while maintaining high performance and customer satisfaction.



2) Application Services

Creative domain expertise will help you to get more value out of your legacy applications, or transform your business to new, high-value application environments.

3) IT Outsourcing

Creative outsourcing covers everything from the desktop and mobile computing realm back to the data centre servers. Our approach ensures your outsourced environment is managed securely, reliably and flexibly.

4) Technology Support and Maintenance Services

Spans installation, deployment, technical support, maintenance, warranty repairs and other functions that keep your software and hardware running.

How to work with 

The process of engagement is very simple. You communicate us your requirements and wishes concerning the work to be done. Jointly with you, we define the project metrics and tailor up the team of software engineers.  Thus, for a fixed (as agreed upon) period, you have personnel resources and technical infrastructure at your disposal.


If you require global outsourcing, please contact us.