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Creative's Solutions for Food and Hospitality Industry

CurryPlus is Creative's finest example of a complete PC, Web and Mobile solution. From online ordering and service booking, to order taking on a mobile and order management on a touchscreen; CurryPlus encapsulates modern technology and takes it to the next level to create an efficient, reliable and user friendly system which is adaptable to each individual client. This effective ordering and booking system allows the food and hospitality industry to make the most of internet sales and promotion, whilst continuing to meet the needs and desires of customers and clients dining at the restaurant to the highest possible standard.

CurryPlus works as an integrated whole, however, each element can work sufficiently as a standalone system. For example, online ordering and table booking can be of significant benefit to any restaurant or takeaway with access to the internet. Mobile order taking can relieve staff of excessive responsibility and can increase the efficiency of communication between waiters/waitresses and kitchen staff. And, of course, the massive 80% of the U.K using the internet can order their favorite food from the comfort of their own homes without lifting the telephone receiver!
CurryPlus Touchscreen POS

The CurryPlus Touchscreen POS is the central system which brings all aspects of the solution together. From here, orders can be placed directly using nothing but your fingertips (i.e. no keyboard or mouse). Orders from mobile devices and those placed online can also be viewed (and modified if necessary), and instructions can be sent directly to the kitchen and receipts printed effortlessly to create an efficient, easy-to-use system, requiring virtually no computer experience to operate.

CurryPlus Mobile POS

With the CurryPlus Mobile Point-of-Sale, waiters and waitresses can efficiently process orders in the restaurant and send them instantly to the kitchen's printer instead of running to and from the kitchen and the restaurant floor. Time is also saved by avoiding the necessity to re-enter the order details into the till at the point of sale since everything is digital from the beginning.

Order records and receipts can also be stored on a central computer where patterns and trends may be identified (if desired) to continue to improve their customer service and determine the most popular food and drink at certain times of the year.

CurryPlus Web is the centre of online ordering and service booking, where customers can find their closest restaurants and choose from a host of services, such as:

  • Food ordering to dine-in at the restaurant / be collected from the restaurant / be delivered from the restaurant
  • Table booking and party arrangement
  • Outdoor catering for parties, events and weddings (and so on)
  • Stay up to date with the latest offers/news/events from restaurants is the restaurant owner's dedicated space where it is possible to sign up for different accounts based on the level of functionality required. For example, it is possible to sign up for free to advertise the restaurant's contact details, or it is possible to register for a premium account to make the most of email marketing, menu/offers/news/events advertising and so on.

The screenshot at the left shows a registered restaurant's Content Management Area, where (once logged in) it is possible to manage all aspects that appear in, and communicate with customers regarding orders, special offers and the likes.

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