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Educations Systems Solutions

Monitoring course details and student attendance is essential to any education sector, however the task can be tedious, mundane and time consuming without a reliable and efficient system. With Creative's Education System Solutions, keeping on top attendance and course information has never been easier.
Student Attendance Monitor and Notification Systems

Bringing the education sector into the 21st century, our unique solution makes use of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips to automatically update attendance for each course, module, programme and session. The typical method of calling names at the beginning of a session eats up valuable teaching and learning time, and the act of personally contacting each student with low attendance eats up even more precious time.

No more inaccuracies. The RFID chip in each student card will not make a mistake and will not lie. If a student did not turn up for class, then their attendance will go down. However, what if a student leaves their card at home? Creative's administration system allows course/programme leaders to login and manually update a student's attendance.

A simple administration system. The administrator can set the threshold at which a student is automatically notified of low attendance, for example, if a student's attendance hits 50% or less, an email and/or SMS message will be sent to them notifying them of poor attendance.

Open Source Student Registration and Course Management

Nowadays, managing a course can be difficult without the assistance of an online administration system. Creative's Student Registration and Course Management allows lecturers and students to maintain constant communication in a familiar digital environment, and allows lecturers to easily update course content and notify all students of any changes or events etc.