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RFID student Monitor

Creative Solving’s unique software solution provides the functionality of student attendance using RFID. The application will be running in the client’s Server as an intranet or Internet based application.

It reads the data from RFID based student card and process the attendance for any specific events e.g Lecture, tutorials. Student, Teacher, Program leader can see the related attendance, percentage, communication between teachers and student. It can also be integrated with Biometric Finger Print reader, Barcode Scanner and Web interface.

Getting into mobile application development

Mobile application developments are highly linked with hardware platforms, new technology integration and user types. As a programming language, you could use mainly .net compact framework (really easy to start a 'helloworld' of c# in Visual studio), J2ME. But deployment, testing or running in the device needs some steps, tools. Because you develop it in the PC. So as language, You will see variety of devices like PDA, smart phone, iPhone, rugged handheld, with different platforms like windows mobile, CE, palm OS.

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