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About Us

Creative Solving has established its roots in delivering quality solutions and focusing on our customers’ expectations.

By employing highly skilled but inexpensive resources, we are able to ensure high accountability at minimal risk and an additional economic value. They are experts in their domain and ensure seamless communication with our development centre. It helps in reducing our client’s risks associated with offshore engagements. 

Our “Global Consulting” approach ensures that our work force is globally trained, and our clients enjoy the benefits of the low cost services, low risk engagements and world-class quality solutions. The ability to convert our client’s vision into a cost effective and efficient business solution is our distinct selling point. 

Our Mission

Our vision is to deliver quality products and services in E-business. Our offices in the United-Kingdom and in Bangladesh are provided with efficient resources and allow us to offer good value service to our customers. We focus also on the development of our community and on being a responsible steward of the earth's natural resources.

Our values 


Creativity: We believe that the best answers are not high-up in the organization, and therefore we foster creativity among our employees. The latter can take part in the idea creation process as we are continuously looking for new ideas and new concepts to satisfy our students and employees. 

Dedication: Our organization focuses on customers; our strategy, people and processes are customer aligned. We demonstrate a genuine regarding our customers. Every action is taken in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations regarding the service quality, and our internal processes and systems are continuously developed to suit those expectations. Moreover our employees have a strong understanding of their mission and build strong relationships with our clients and our partners.

Effectiveness: We are careful to provide services that bring significant benefit to our customers. In this aim, our processes and systems are continuously improved. Our workforce is highly effective and is constantly trained.

Listening: We believe that listening leads to honest and open communication. We encourage team-work for mutual benefit and coordinated efforts. We are working with different nationalities and therefore the exchange of ideas and views is valued. 

Creative Technology and Education Ltd Company information
Legal Information
Company Name:Creative Technology and Education Ltd
Company Registration No: 09167913
The Registered Office of the Company is situated at:
5B, Abbot Street, 
LL11 1TA

Registered in England & Wales.