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Creative believe in training, mentoring & developing people. Training is the very important elements to implement the IT solution effectively. Creative offer training to all of our customers, which includes:


  • Training for existing and new clients (E-commerce, elearning and other products )
  • Maintenance and administration of E-commerce, CMS, elearning.
  • Web & Software development training.
  • Mobile Application administration & development training

Creative training process is based on the following ideas and outline processes:

1. Assess and agree training needs

2. Create training or development specification
3. Consider learning styles and personality
4. Plan training and evaluation
5. Design materials, methods and deliver training

For more information please contact our specialists.


E-learning or Online Training:

We have associated training partner to provide online training. Our virtual learning environment makes everything easy according to your time and speed.


Case Study:

Creative Solving has provided training for Ethnic business and ethnic minority people for their profession development. We have linked with educational institutes to provide health and safety, food hygiene and book keeping training. For personal development, we provide language, professional IT and basic computer training.

Creative organize training for ethnic in Yale College