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Welcome to Creative Solving's Consultant Team

Over the last ten years, IT decisions have moved from the backroom to the boardroom as technology has become a key business driver. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was the first major IT investment for many large corporations. Now consultants had a key role to play in ensuring that business processes are going appropriately. Creative's consultant team helps organization to re-engineer the process and give support to the organization in order to develop and implement the new process.


Creative's consulting team offers a wide range of services from strategy consulting and human resources to IT and, in some cases, outsourcing on a global basis. 

Another phenomenon of the last ten years has been the massive growth in the outsourcing industry, i.e. the delivery of non-core services (usually IT) by a third party organisation. Here again, Creative's consultants can make the difference between a highly successful outsourcing contract and one which delivers little value. Creative Solving considers the HR and customer facing function for outsourcing as well because outsourcing has now been extended to other business processes such as HR or even customer-facing functions. 

At the same time, Creative's team considers the consultant/client relationship. Creative Solving believes, "Consultants can become part of the client organisation for a period of time, and may sometimes share the rewards as well as the risks of a project".



IT Infrastructure Development

Creative Solving Ltd. specializes in assembling multi-disciplinary teams focused on integrated project masterplaning. We are able to assist at all stages of the development process, providing the key skills and experience required for successful completion of each stage.

Our experience covers a range of services from pre-purchase appraisals and desktop studies, through Environmental Impact Appraisal, feasibility designs, planning applications and detailed design to project management and supervising infrastructure works.

We can apply the most suitable approach to all development issues including:

  • Advising on the range of initial feasibility studies and reports.
  • Advising on Planning procedures and implications of Conditions
  • Advising on all relevant Standards, Regulations and legal requirements
  • Procurement strategy and specifications
  • Contract administration, including documentation and cost estimating
  • Project framework management and supervision

We are focused on helping clients to achieve their development goals as smoothly as possible, and assign the most appropriate mix of skills and dedicated project management to each assignment.


Please contact us for more information.


Mobile Strategy Development

Creative Solving will develop mobile software according to customer’s requirement. We will develop mobile software which will help customers to develop their existing strategy. That means we will do work according to customers- budget, platform, plan and interest. 


How Creative Work

Most wireless experts would agree whether it’s mobile, e-mail or a complex mobile field service solution, mobile solutions using proven methodologies and best practices. That’s why Creative Solving starts by assembling a focus team who are responsible for steering the adoption of mobile technologies. Creative Solving believes the mobile solutions can affect multiple business units and having user involvement is accentual. Before adding another delivery channel using mobile devices, first Creative Solving assesses how mobile devices fit into the overall business strategy. At that time we consider your options, your current IT architecture, current use of mobile devices - supported or not, future mobile business initiatives, and established vendor relationships. After that we go to the next step of investigating vendors and platforms that meet the overall business needs. Next, look for opportunities to standardize and provide user support. Planning and preparation in the early stages of a mobile, Creative Solving mobile strategy can help customers to long run with user adoption, reduced support costs, improved return on investment, and serve to reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). So Creative Solving helps customers to identify projects that formally extend solutions to mobile users.


For more information about Mobile Strategy pleasecontact our experts.